More than just a game...

Improve Decision Making

Chess removes the personal element present in everyday decision making for kids and helps them practice making decisions and seeing the consequences.

Develop Strategy Skills

Kids forget that their actions lead to reactions. By playing chess, kids develop a realization that they need to consider how others will react to their actions.

Gain Health Benefits

From reducing the risk of Alzheimer's, treating schizophrenia, to improving memory and brain functioning, chess has a number of health and mental benefits for all ages.

Learn a Lifelong Hobby

Chess is one of those rare games you can enjoy and play throughout your life. The challenge and complexity of the game and the social interactions it brings will keep calling kids back to the game.

Learn to Play Chess

Through fun interactive play, kids learn the basic movements of chess pieces, board setup, and how to checkmate.

Ages: 5 to 10
Saturdays: 10:30am

Class Duration: 1 Hour

Limited Spots