Kids Escape Room Challenges

Why Escape Room Challenges for Kids?

Why not?  There are all these great reasons for kids to do their own Escape Room Challenges:

  • Fun: What kid doesn't love a challenge? Especially one with a story or a mystery?
  • Teamwork: Escape rooms offer kids an opportunity to work as a team to solve a challenge. While as grown ups we've become accustomed to working in teams through experience in college and work, most kids don't get the opportunity until they're well into their teens. 
  • Solving Puzzles: While most kids grow out of making jigsaw puzzles, they still have an inkling for being challenged. What could be better at drawing out their logical, analytical, and exploratory skills?

Funtastik Labs Escape Room Challenges are Designed for Kids

  • Adjustable Difficulty: Our challenges can be adjusted to meet your group's ages and ability.
  • Kids Always Succeed: Losing is not fun for most kids. We want them to have fun and grow from the experience. That's why our escape room hosts are there to make adjustments and help the group succeed.
  • Fun Themes: Choose from kid appropriate themes that change. All themes are 60 minutes long.

Recommended for ages 7+

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Current Escape Room Challenges

The Lost Scientist

Think science is impractical? Complete the experiments to figure out the location of the lost scientist. 

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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The Rainbow Quest

Loaded with arts and crafts challenges, your kids will have to unlock the clues hidden in art to solve this challenge. 

Recommended for ages 6 and up

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Engineering an Escape

Oh oh! Your spies are trapped and have to put their heads together and build contraptions to engineer their escape. 

Recommended for ages 8 and up

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