The Lost Scientist


An evil scientist has unleashed a virus and it's up to your team to find the missing antidote. Use teamwork and science to find clues, solve puzzles, and perform experiments to complete your mission in time.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Book for a minimum of 6 kids: $150. 

Additional kids @ $25 per kid.

Balance due at check-out. 

Why Escape Room Challenges for Kids?

Why not?  There are all these great reasons for kids to do their own Escape Room Challenges:

  • Fun: What kid doesn't love a challenge? Especially one with a story or a mystery?
  • Teamwork: Escape rooms offer kids an opportunity to work as a team to solve a challenge. While as grown ups we've become accustomed to working in teams through experience in college and work, most kids don't get the opportunity until they're well into their teens. 
  • Solving Puzzles: While most kids grow out of making jigsaw puzzles, they still have an inkling for being challenged. What could be better at drawing out their logical, analytical, and exploratory skills?

Funtastik Labs Escape Room Challenges are Designed for Kids

  • Adjustable Difficulty: Our challenges can be adjusted to meet your group's ages and ability.
  • Kids Always Succeed: Losing is not fun for most kids. We want them to have fun and grow from the experience. That's why our escape room hosts are there to make adjustments and help the group succeed. 
  • Kid Friendly & Age Appropriate Themes: While many escape rooms designed for adults can be scary, ours are designed specifically with kids in mind with many fun hands-on kid friendly activities.
  • Parents Can Stay with the Kids: What fun would it be if you didn't get to take pictures and watch the kids work together and interact? The rooms/labs have plenty of room for parents to be observers inside the room or if you prefer to stay outside, you can see into the room through large windows. 
  • Dedicated Lab Host Included: Every group is led by a trained lab host that's there to introduce the plot and facilitate their teamwork to ensure success throughout the experience.