Invite Funtastik Labs to your School for After-School Class


Science + Arts + Engineering (Ages 3 - 9)

  • Fun STEAM experiences designed to expose children to early science, arts, and engineering. 
  • Filled with sensory stimulation and visualizations that create deeper and lasting neural connections.  
  • Designed for maximum engagement and hands-on experimentation with tools and materials tailored to their abilities.
  • Every semester 7-10 classes of 1 hour each


LEGO + ROBOTS + CODING = Engineering FUN! 

Ages 5 and up

Does your child love LEGO? Then they’re going to love our LEGO Robotics classes. Uniquely designed to integrate engineering into the play, kids learn to incorporate real engineering principles and practices into their thought process from a young age. 

Every Semester 10 classes of 1 hour each

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