WhAT MAKES Funtastik Labs Programming Classes AWESOME?

'I made it do that? Woah!'

You'll be amazed at the rush kids (and grownups) get when they get their first program working. It's a great feeling of accomplishment and one that triggers them to push forward again and again while developing their confidence and grit. There are so many benefits of learning to code and new ones are still being found. 


We believe learning works best when it Flows without constraints. When every child can learn at their own pace. Without having to wait for others and without having to keep up with others. That's why our classes are self-paced. Every kid gets completes the exercises at their own pace.

Why Python and Java?

Just like you learn to use a screwdriver before a drill, learning to program works best when you start simple. Languages like Python offers a simpler entry into programming while being a real programming language used by professions. It allows kids to learn programming without having advanced notations and complex concepts that get in the way.

Then why Java?

There are primarily two types of programming languages: Loosely Typed and Strongly Typed. Python and Java are respective examples of these types of programming languages. For kids that are ready to broaden their understanding and get into Object-Oriented Programming using a strongly typed language like Java.

How do I get started?

Use the link at the bottom to schedule an assessment where you can bring your child to Funtastik Labs. A coach will meet with your child to do a quick assessment and advise you on whether Python or Java programming would be appropriate and place them at the right level. You can also learn about how the course is structured and how we keep you updated about your child's progress.

Python Programming


Programming Fundamentals with Python

Coding for kids (Ages 10+)

1x per week: $89/month (Till 8/24/2019)

2x per week: $159/month (Till 8/24/2019)

Java Programming


Master Programming with Java 

Java for kids (Ages 12+)


1x per week: $89/month

2x per week: $159/month 

No Falling Behind

Can't make it to one of the sessions? No problem. Your kid's lessons are waiting for them when they get back to pickup wherever they left off .

Move at your Pace

As soon as your kid demonstrates mastery by completing the challenge, they move forward to the next level.

A Laptop for Every Kid

No waiting for partners to catch up. No waiting for laptops to become available. At Funtastik Labs coding classes every student gets a laptop to work with.