Spring Break Camps 2019

Looking for a fun filled camp that will fascinate your child?

Enroll for Spring Break Camps at Funtastik Labs for a week full of STEAM fun where your kids will play Scientist, Artist, and Engineer. 

Top 10 reasons to register for Funtastik Labs Camps

1. Different science experiments, art projects, and robotics challenges each camp

2. Lots of space for kids to move around and be engaged

3. Awesome science lab for kids

4. Inspiring arts & crafts studio

5. Cool Robotics & Engineering lab  

6. Fun and specialized camp counselors that love what they do

7. Low student to instructor ratio

8. Fun & silly games to recharge

9. Flexibility to book individual half day camps or whole weeks

10. Option for late pickup if you need more time

A Science Lab for Kids

Kids will dress up as scientist with lab coats and goggles while they conduct fun science experiments with beakers, microscope, test tubes, conical flasks and more in a furnished science lab. 

The Fun Arts & Crafts Studio

Serious art goes out the window. Our Arts and Crafts studio is designed for fun and messes. Kids will get their smocks on and will express their creativity with fun activities like balloon canvas art, ceramic painting, spin wheel art, and more.

Robotics & Engineering Building and Testing Lab

Featuring tablets, laptops, LEGO WeDo® Robotics, and structural engineering, kids will have a blast building, testing, and competing to create the best contraptions.

Break Area for Active Fun

Low student to instructor ratio. Our labs are fully equipped with fun and inspiration.

Food & Snacks:

  • Kids registered for half day camps should bring nut free snacks and drink
  • Kids registered for both camps should bring 2 nut free snacks and a sacked lunch and drink. 

For full day camps, enroll in both morning and afternoon camps.


Ages: 5-10

Dates: Monday, March 11 - Friday, March 15

Morning Camp: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Afternoon Camp: 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Late Pickup (Till 5pm)

Individual (Half-Day) Camp:

Book Before Feb 28th: $35

Book After Feb 28: $40

Full Week (Half-Day) Camp:

Book Before Feb 28: $135

Book After Feb 28: $155

5pm Pickup: $40 (for entire week)