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Slime Bar: The Premier Slime Place in SUGAR LAND

Visit Funtastik Labs’ Slime Bar in Sugar Land, Tx for a hands-on slime-making experience at our DIY slime store. Perfectly blending creativity and fun, it’s the ideal place for crafting your very own unique creations.


Funtastik Labs' Slime Bar is the place to make and customize your own slime, perfect for hands-on fun for everyone!

Make Your Own Slime!

slime making place in houston
Learn how to concoct the perfect slime from scratch with our expert guidance, ingredients, and our secret recipes. Get ready to mix, swirl, and stretch your way to slime perfection! Your ultimate DIY Slime store.

PICK Slime Texture

Kid making and playing with colorful slime at Funtastik Labs

Choose your perfect texture at our slime place: fluffy, buttery, clear, sparkly glitter, satisfyingly crunchy, or dreamy cloud. Customize your selection to craft the ultimate personalized slime experience!

Customize with TOPPING

Slime Bar at Funtastik Labs

Choose from 100+ toppings, charms, glitters, colors, fragrances, clays, and more at the Slime Bar. Customize your slime and give it that extra sparkle and personality or turn it into a masterpiece of ooey gooey stretchy fun.

Create Slime Toppers

Slime making experience in houston

Inspired by the latest trends in slime shows, design and create custom slime toppers and take your slime experience to the next level! Your unique toppers mix in slime like butter and make your slime even smoother and stretchier.

Make Your Best Slime at our Slime place in Houston

Every Slime Bar ticket includes all the basic slime ingredients like glue, activator, and more needed to make your slime. In addition to that, you get to add 5 fancy toppings to make your slime stupendous! Want to take it to the next level, create slime toppers or slime creations from your imagination or from our selection of projects that include step-by-step instructions. And, if you have questions or need help, slime experts at our slime place are there and ready to assist.

Funtastik Labs Slime Bar in Houston offers a hands-on experience for all ages. Here, visitors can create their own slime from scratch. The process is fun and interactive. You start by choosing your slime type. Options include clear, fluffy, butter slime, and more. Once you have made your slime, the real creativity kicks in. You can personalize your creation with various toppings, charms, glitter, and fragrances. Plus you get to make your custom slime topper with clay. At Funtastik Labs Slime Bar, making slime is just the beginning. It’s a journey of creativity. You experiment with different textures and scents. In the end, you take home a slime that’s uniquely yours.

Funtastik Labs Slime Bar in Houston is the perfect spot for you to make your own slime! With 2 locations nestled in the heart of Katy & Sugar Land, we provide an interactive and entertaining environment for crafting and decorating your custom slime. Check out our Tickets page to book your slime-making experience.

The cost for making slime at Funtastik Labs in Houston is $25 per child, which includes slime-making and five toppings of your choice plus a make your own clay topper. Our pricing is designed to provide a value-packed experience, ensuring a fun and affordable activity for everyone.

Our Slime Bar is suitable for slime enthusiasts aged 4 and up, offering a enjoyable environment for both children and adults. Our experience is designed to engage young minds and provide a fun, creative experience, making it an ideal family activity in Houston. With recipes tailored to all age groups, everyone can dive into the world of slime making and enjoy crafting their unique creations.

While it’s not mandatory for parents to buy a ticket if they’re not making slime themselves, we recommend participating to fully enjoy the experience alongside your children. It’s a great way to share in the creativity and fun of making slime together.

The duration of a slime-making session at Funtastik Labs is typically between 45 minutes to an hour. The exact time may vary depending on the intricacy of your design and your creative process.

Funtastik Labs offers a range of customization menu options for slime, including different glitters, toppings, sprinkles, foam beads, charms, colored clays, fragrances, and colors. These choices of 100+ varieties of toppings allow customers to create personalized slime according to their preferences.

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Discover the Ultimate Slime Place at Funtastik Lab's Slime Bar

Welcome to the Slime Bar at Funtastik Lab, the leading slime place for kids to embark on a world of slime making! Our interactive and vibrant Slime Bar is designed to provide children and adults with a unique and unforgettable experience, where creativity and imagination take center stage. Prepare for non-stop excitement as kids dive into an ooey-gooey adventure they won’t soon forget!

Create Your Perfect Slime at Our DIY Slime Studio in Sugar Land

At the heart of Funtastik Lab’s Slime Bar, the ultimate slime place, is our DIY Slime Studio, where children can unleash their creativity and craft their very own slime masterpieces. With an array of colors, scents, and add-ins to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to guide kids through the slime-making process, ensuring a fun and successful slime creation experience.

Experience the Magic of Slime at Funtastik Lab!
Don’t wait any longer to experience the magic of slime at Funtastik Lab’s Slime Bar, the top slime place and slime studio for kids. Bring your kids and let their imagination run wild as they explore, create, and play in our ultimate slime playground. It’s an adventure they’ll cherish, and memories that will last a lifetime!