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Home School Discovery Day

home school discovery day - science field trip

Thursday, Feb 8, 2024
Science Lab & Artistic Canvas
1 pm – 3 pm

Welcome to our ‘Home School Discovery Day: Science Lab & Artistic Canvas,’ a special field trip designed for homeschooling families that blends hands-on learning with creative exploration.

The adventure begins in our Hands-on Science Lab, where young minds become junior scientists. Engage in fascinating experiments, delve into scientific wonders, and experience the thrill of discovery in a fun, hands-on environment. It’s the perfect setting for inquisitive learners to see science in action.

Then, we take a creative leap into the world of art with our unique canvas painting session. Unlike traditional painting, this special activity allows kids to create 3D art using clay. They’ll sculpt, shape, and add clay to their canvases, bringing their artistic visions to life in a tactile and imaginative way. This form of art not only encourages artistic expression but also enhances fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

Creative Splatter: Slime & Canvas Workshop

special event slime making

Monday, Feb 19, 2024
School day off event
1 pm – 3 pm

Get ready for a whirlwind of color and fun at our ‘Creative Splatter: Slime & Canvas Workshop’! Perfect for kids who love to get creative, this two-hour workshop is packed with excitement.

In the first hour, it’s slime time! Kids will love making their fluffy teddybear slime, a soft and squishy delight. But that’s not all – they can also decorate their slime with all sorts of fun toppings and make their own clay toppers. It’s a slime-lover’s dream come true!

The fun doesn’t stop there! The next hour is all about bringing your imagination to life on canvas. With brushes in hand, kids can paint their hearts out, creating their very own masterpieces. It’s a great way for little artists to explore colors and express themselves.

This workshop is perfect for kids who love being hands-on and creative. Join us for an unforgettable fun of painting and slime-making!