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Robotics Revolution: A Walk-In Attraction Where You Build, Code, and Enjoy!

Building Blocks of Fun: Katy's Kid-Friendly Robotics Entertainment!

Coding for kids Houston

Shh! Don’t tell them they’re actually learning
We all know that robotics is a lot of fun for kids. Building cool robots and watching them come to life is a rush. But is there more to it than just fun? Yes! Every project is designed to educate your child on engineering skills that instill the same principles and best practices used by professional engineers. This means that while they’re having fun building cool robots, your kids will learn techniques like debugging, tool mastery, problem decomposition, abstraction, and more.

Have Robotics Experience? No Experience? No Problem.
We have over 50 different challenges of varying levels for kids from 5 years of age on up. And if you get stuck or need help, our instructors are guide you.

Easy to follow instructions and lessons
Using both the LEGO® WeDo 2.0 app and kit along with our Funtastik Labs ATOM app, you get step by step instructions that help you build and code anything from robots that see and talk to battle droids and ballerinas.