About Us

  Funtastik Labs is a STEAM center located in Katy, TX. With fully hands-on labs for science experiments, fun arts & crafts projects, and exciting engineering & robotics challenges, Funtastik Labs is the premier entertainment space for kids to explore, experiment, and learn.

  If a kid wants to try basketball or soccer you can take them to a game or you can sign them up for a team and see if they like it. 

But what if a kid wants to try science, arts, or engineering?

With limited options, kids don't get the chance to realize how cool they can be.

We want to show kids how much FUN science, arts, and engineering can be.
We want to give them a place where they're free to explore and create messes. 

We want to inspire and motivate them. 

So we make everything hands-on.

We create amazing experiences that charge their motivation.

And we hope...

That in the long term, their inspiration will help them grow and succeed.

That’s why, ‘We have FUN…knowledge follows’ - Funtastik Labs