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Science Lab & Hands-on Museum Houston Area

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Kids Hands-On Science Lab: Explore the wonders in our interactive Science Museum


Lab for Kids Entertainment

Embark on an exciting journey of scientific exploration with hands-on experiments at the science lab designed for kids. Choose from a variety of engaging activities that promise to ignite curiosity and provide an unforgettable experience.


Science Camp Houston

From bubbling eruptions to creating snow, crafting perfumes to making gooey worms, our science lab offers a range of hands-on experiments that cater to all interests and ages.

EASY TO DO Experiments

Science Lab for Kids

Our digital assistant ATOM make it so easy even a 5 years-old can do the experiments themselves at our science lab. And should you need any help, our lab assistants are there for you.

Science Lab for Kids at Funtastik Labs!

Step into the World of Young Scientists! Embark on an unforgettable journey where kids become real scientists in our immersive science lab. From the moment they enter, a captivating atmosphere envelops them, igniting their curiosity and sparking their imagination.

Our science lab is a playground of scientific wonders, offering a wide range of experiments designed to engage and inspire young minds. They’ll delight in creating gooey worms that stretch and squirm, witnessing mesmerizing eruptions that unleash colorful explosions, and mastering the art of perfume making with a symphony of fragrances.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Our young scientists can also dive into the world of bath bombs, crafting their own fizzing creations infused with delightful scents and vibrant colors. Plus many more experiments to choose from. Each experiment is a hands-on adventure, where kids learn through exploration, observation, and discovery.
Our goal is to provide an environment where children feel like true scientists. Equipped with lab coats, goggles, and a plethora of scientific tools, they’ll work with confidence, unleashing their inner inventors and problem solvers.

With every experiment, they’ll develop critical thinking skills, enhance their understanding of scientific principles, and nurture a lifelong passion for science. 

What Customer Says about our Science Lab!

“My son really enjoyed doing the experiments there. Planning on going back since there are so many different things to do could spend hours and not do everything. Great for kids who love science”