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*Note: Sugar Land memberships purchased BEFORE OPENING will START from the Sugar Land opening Date!

Child Member Benefit:

Buy one Attraction Get one Attraction or Upgrade Free

Parent Benefit
(1 parent included with purchase of child membership)

Get one of the following:
No Sitting Fee or $5 off any Attraction

Unlock Creativity

Benefits of Funtastik Labs Membership

Free attraction, upgrade, or To-Go can be valued up to $25 and can only be used by the same member during the same visit. Purchased attraction must be at regular price and may not be combined with any other offer. Limit one free attraction/upgrade per visit per member.


The best way to enjoy everything Funtastik Labs has to offer!

Explore Inner Talents
You want to let your child explore their talents and have fun, but cleaning up paint, science experiments, slime, or picking up lot of pieces can be daunting for a busy parent. At Funtastik Labs, step back and let your child explore without worrying about furniture getting ruined.

Discover New Hobbies
There’s so much to do and explore at Funtastik Labs that one visit just scratches the surface of a child can do. Visit a few times a year and your child is likely to focus on the few they know and love most. But with a membership, your child can go beyond scratching the surface. They’re free to try something new, something different, and even find something new they didn’t know they’d enjoy.

Engage Their Creativity
We’re constantly churning out new ways to have fun. But your child probably has lots of ideas of their own pestering to be let out. By visiting more frequently with your membership, some of your child’s ideas are bound to make their way out onto a canvas or into a robot’s code.

Build Positive Associations
By signing up for a membership, you’re making a commitment to make science, arts, and engineering experiences a regular part of your child’s most formative years. A commitment to build positive first or second experiences with science, arts, and engineering that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Save Money
With so much to explore, becoming a member make it easy for you to let your child explore, learn, and grow.

  • 100+ canvas, ceramics, and wood to paint
  • 100+ slime toppings & slime creations
  • Robotics challenges
  • Hands-On Science Experiments