Why Funtastik Labs Camps are...Funtastik!

With low student to instructor ratio and labs that are fully equipped with fun and inspiration, Funtastik Labs is the destination for summer camp fun. Kids will have fun in our awesome and spacious labs built just for kids to do science, arts, and robotics!


A Science Lab for Kids

Kids  will dress up as scientists with lab coats and goggles while they conduct fun science experiments with beakers, microscope, test tubes, conical flasks and more in a furnished science lab. 

The Fun Arts & Crafts Studio

Serious art goes out the window in our Arts and Crafts studio designed for fun and messes. Kids will get their smocks on and will express their creativity with fun activities like balloon canvas art, ceramic  painting, spin wheel art, and more.

Robotics & Engineering Building and Testing Lab

Featuring  tablets, laptops, LEGO WeDo® Robotics, and structural engineering, kids will have a blast building, testing, and competing to create the best contraptions.

Break Area for Active Fun

It's unnatural for kids to sit for long periods of time. They need space and movement to release their awesome energy. That's why we have plenty of room in our labs and a separate Break Area for them to unwind  and release their energy.