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Aren’t all LEGO Robotics Classes the Same?

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Aren’t all LEGO Robotics Classes the Same?

As a parent, you want a Robotics program that is not only fun and appealing, but also one that will capture their interest and challenge them to grow. Unfortunately, not too many LEGO robotics programs are designed this way. Most of the times kids work in groups of 2 or more all doing the same builds at the same time. This makes it easy to deliver a program but creates challenges for parents and can frustrate kids.

As you consider robotics programs, here are some key differences to consider:

1. Will your child start from the beginning?
Many kids get exposure to Robotics either at home or at school and don’t need to start from level 1. But what level should a kid start? They may only be missing some skills from the beginner level but have mastered a few of the advanced ones. Starting them further back might be boring or worse frustrating them. Putting them ahead puts them on a weak foundation to build on.

At Funtastik Labs, we do assessments at the beginning to identify the right level where to start the child and skip them along quickly through the program to bring them to the right level. We want to make sure your child doesn’t miss out on key skills but also isn’t bored working on the basics when they’ve already mastered them.

2. Commitment Period & Start Options
Not sure if your child will like the class or if they’ll stick to it? We totally get it. You’re trying to find your child’s interests and strengths. With many programs you’re committing at least your money and more importantly your time for a semester or two.

At Funtastik Labs, after the first month, you can cancel anytime you like with a 7-day notice. Also, your kid can join the Robotics program anytime in between semesters and fit right in.

3. Kid to Kit Ratio
Many programs have kids working in pair or even groups making it nearly impossible for the instructor to determine how an individual child is doing.

At Funtastik Labs, every child gets a kit to work with so they can demonstrate competency of the skills themselves. This also allows us to track how each child is progressing individually so we know when to give more support and when to clear the runway for them to accelerate.

4. Pace of the Class: Group or Individual Pace
Is your child ready to move ahead but the rest of the class isn’t? Or, does your child need a bit more time and assistance but the rest of the class needs to move on? Every group based learning program struggles with this challenge. Why? Because learning requires high amounts of focused attention. Attention that, in kids if not adults, varies from time to time and day to day. One kid may be tired, another’s interest may wander, while another may not be able to attend that day. With group based learning, missing attention means falling behind.

Studies have shown that kids learn better when they’re in control of their learning. They learn more conceptually with less stress and experience higher levels of motivation. The more a program can cater to the individual kid, the better it can ensure they’ve mastered the content before moving them ahead.

At Funtastik Labs, our robotics program gives kids the freedom to move at their own pace. Each child moves to the next challenge or level as soon as they, not the average of the class, demonstrate mastery of the current level. If they can do it quickly, they move through the curriculum quickly. If they need to spend more time, they can do that. They’re not constrained by the group. They’re supported by it and the instructor.

5. Just Play or Real Engineering
Playing with LEGO can be fun and the kids that love LEGO won’t complain. But does the program have more to it than just play? Is there methodology that helps kids develop real engineering skills?

At Funtastik Labs, our program leads kids to think and work like engineers. From understanding the problem, learning the technical skills to build a solution, to testing their solution. We gradually take them through the stages and help them develop their engineering skills.

Assessment Based Placement

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