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Robotics for Families! Discover the joy of building and coding with your kids!

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Building Blocks of Fun: Kid-Friendly Robotics Entertainment in Houston!

Discover the Fun of Robotics

Dad and Kid building robot and coding it at Funtastik Labs

Dive into the excitement at our center where kids and parents alike can build and animate robots using intuitive kits. Experience the thrill of bringing creations to life, from talking robots to dancing ballerinas, in an environment where play meets innovation.

Supportive, Hands-On Experience

Robotics Coding Kids Houston

Regardless of your child’s experience level, our flexible challenges cater to ages 5 and up. Using LEGO® WeDo 2.0, and our exclusive Funtastik Labs ATOM apps, build and code robot projects with easy step-by-step guidance and the support of our team members.

How beneficial is robotics for children?

Robotics offers children the opportunity to engage with programming, engineering, and problem-solving, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. Starting robotics at a young age can be incredibly rewarding, providing a fun and interactive experience that enhances these essential skills.