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Field Trip Ideas: Why Funtastik Labs is a Must-Visit for Interactive Learning

Field Trip Ideas

Searching for innovative field trip ideas that will captivate your students and complement your curriculum? Look no further than Funtastik Labs, where interactive learning and fun converge to create unforgettable STEAM experiences. With five unique attractions, including the Slime Bar, Science Lab, Art Lab, Robotics, and Magical STEAM activities, Funtastik Labs stands as the ultimate destination for field trips that are both informative and engaging.

Discover the Magic of Interactive Learning

Funtastik Labs distinguishes itself among field trip ideas with its hands-on approach to STEAM. Here’s why educators are turning to us for their next field trip:

Engagement Beyond the Classroom: Our interactive attractions provide students the chance to apply classroom lessons in real-world scenarios, enhancing their grasp of STEAM concepts.

Ignites a Passion for STEAM: A field trip to Funtastik Labs can do more than entertain—it can spark a lifelong interest in STEAM by making learning tangible, exciting, and interactive.

Cultivates Confidence: By reinforcing classroom content with tangible, hands-on experiences, children can more thoroughly grasp and synthesize knowledge while experiencing the pure joy of saying, ‘I did that!’.

Field Trip Ideas & Options at Funtastik Lab

SCIENCE LAB: Help your kids discover the science around them with a hands-on field trip. Delight as they conduct multiple hands-on experiments that are not only fun but also shine a spotlight on the nature of chemical reactions and the world of atoms and molecules. Complete with a take home, kids are apt to go back to school with a newfound appreciation and love for science and the wonders it offers.

SLIME BAR: Combine science, art, and creativity with a gooey session at the Slime Bar. Each kid starts off by creating their own slime from scratch with their own choice of colors and ratio of ingredients. From there, kids turn their slime into a fun and silly craft with their slime forming a key part of it. And finally, kids get to top it off with toppings from our Slime Bar and take it home. From creative options like Sundae Slime, Macaron Slime, or Birthday Cake Slime, the Funtastik Labs slime experience helps your kids take slime to a whole new level!

Ceramic and Canvas Painting Field Trip in Houston

CANVAS PAINTING: Painting at Funtastik Labs means exploring real paints, canvases, brushes, and stencils to unleash your inner artist. Not only is it fun and rewarding, it also allows kids to experience firsthand how acrylic paints and colors mix, blend, and dry. Designed to make painting easy, accessible, and customizable regardless of age, kids get to create their masterpieces from scratch and get to take them home the same day.

Students visiting Funtastik Labs for Robotics STEM Field trip

ROBOTICS CHALLENGE: Explore the realm of robotics through engineering challenges that foster teamwork and problem-solving. Kids will discover the art of building, coding, and debugging using LEGO™ robotics kits, laying the groundwork for essential 21st-century skills. This hands-on experience not only exposes them to the world of robotics but also provides a foundation for future learning opportunities, all while they enjoy the excitement of creating cool robots and overcoming challenges. (LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO corporation.)

MAGICAL STEAM: Experience the enchantment of combining science and art as children create their own magic wands to take home and engage in magical science spells. The experience offers both sensorial and tactical creativity and the fascination of performing firsthand science experiments to create a magical STEAM experience to take back with them.

With our range of unique attractions, Funtastik Labs proudly stands out as an unparalleled choice for field trip ideas, both in-school field trip and at our Lab where we blend fun with interactive discovery to inspire every young explorer.

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