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Pop art is a movement from the time period directly following the Second World War Pop art, is a phrase invented by Lawrence Alloway, who was a British museum supervisor in the 1950s and 1960s. He felt like the new form of art that was spreading during the time had a modern feel and began to refer to it as “pop art. “Pop” art was a huge contrast from the abstract style of the era that came before it. Pop art features simple, bold images of regular items, like soup cans, with expressive and vibrant colors. Artists of the pop movement, such as Andy Warhol, who painted Campbell soup cans, gained great recognition, and some became household names. Roy Lichtenstein was another very famous

pop artist, who created paintings inspired by comics and advertisements, and used a stencil painting style to make his work look like it had been printed. Pop art embraced the situations of politics and economy in the United Kingdom and the US, and as a result, people began to appreciate advertising and marketing campaigns artistically, and you can see its legacy in modern logos, such as Nike’s swoosh and the McDonalds’ arches. When making pop art, you can use any medium, paint, drawing, digital art, or whatever medium you could possibly desire. Pop art uses many different techniques in order to express the painter’s desires, such as the dot method, or the previously mentioned stencil style.

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